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Organic & Ethically Wildcrafted

We’re creators, we’re foragers, and we don’t settle.
Myco-Biome organic and wildcrafted mushrooms are grown sustainably in our own old-growth forests in the Maritime provinces of Canada.

Our mushrooms are carefully hand-harvested with respect and gratitude, ensuring sustainability, along with the health and longevity of the forest and what grows there.

Medicinal mushrooms hold the power to revitalize your health and heal the planet. 


Sustainably Wildcrafted





What We Do, & Why We Do It

We are fierce guardians over nature and ALL animals.

We are stewards of medicinal mushrooms and herbs with a focus on regenerative agriculture, sustainable forestry, and respect for Mother Nature.

We believe in protecting our earth in a big way, with the hope that natural  supplements and herbs will be less intrusive on the planet.

Meet Our Founder, Julie Anne Lee DCH

My name is Julie Anne I am the founder of the first licensed holistic veterinary clinic in Canada. I sat on the board of the midwife tasks force to have midwifery excepted as a profession, and own the Adored Beast Apothecary. I live on a farm on the wild Bay of Fundy part of the Atlantic Ocean and in what is considered by the Mi’kmaq tribe to be where the creator stepped into the ocean and civilization began. I am here to try and support all living beings.

Click here to learn about The Forest Path Project.

Ethically Wildcrafted

Our pickers harvest our mushrooms using age-old traditions that protect the environment and allow for future generations to continue enjoying the benefits. 

Our foraging practices support the natural microbiome of the forest bed to bring back its ability to grow, and do not disturb the forest in any way. 

Certified Organic

Myco-Biome® doesn’t settle… the mushrooms we grow are 100% certified organic.

Our mushrooms are grown in Maritime Canada, in our own old-growth forests and in clear-cut forests that we have lovingly rehabilitated.

They are grown as nature intended, preserving the ancient intelligence and wisdom that a healthy forest ecosystem provides.

A Passion For The Environment

Myco-Biome® products are not just environmentally friendly, but meticulously monitored by our founder and team… every step is taken to protect nature.

Because our mushrooms are local, and harvested by hand, we produce a low carbon footprint throughout the entire process, from our forest to your family.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind our products 100%. However, If you are not completely satisfied with your product, you can return your product for a refund within 30 days of purchase. Click here to read our full refund policy.