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The Forest Path Project

There has never been a time like the present when like-minded people will connect to support our earth in a way that has evolved to the next generation of understanding. The philosophy of the earth and her wisdom to communicate all that stands before us, to heal not only our health but our global imbalance has been my truth and my path my entire life.

My mother taught me that everything we need is provided by nature, no matter how we look at it. It’s true. From hydro to oil to wood to drugs to supplements to food, nature provides us with everything. Our forest path project is a compilation of my experience in the natural health field with animals and with people for the last 30 years. It’s the next step (or should I say the natural step) to take by spending the rest of my life as a human trying to bring back and support nature’s inherent ability to create homeostasis.

If humans all of a sudden became extinct there would be no need for the Forest project because Mother Earth would do more than recover; she would flourish. There’s a saying that I love that resonates: a very wise shaman once said that Mother Earth cries when anything becomes extinct, be that a tiny flower, a butterfly, an animal or the human race. We are all her children and her greatest dream would be for all of us to live in harmony.

My goal is to show the world that a forest has much more to give than trees as a commodity. It has the abundance of plant wisdom, fungi intelligence, and natural communication to create profound healing for people and animals. Trees are considered the earth’s lungs, absorbing pollution and producing clean air for us to breathe. A forest has so much potential to heal the earth.

Our MycoBiome Forest Path Project has led us to acquire forests in Nova Scotia, Canada with the intention of replicating an old growth forest ecosystem. A large part of that is its microorganisms, and thus we grow and harvest medicinal mushrooms, herbs, and flora which are sustainable with the intention to save forests and their inhabitants from constant clear cutting and unethical wild crafting. Reproducing and teaching these concepts in as many other areas as possible is also important. At the moment, forests are seen only as a source for the wood industry, but if we can show the benefits a forest offers, I’m sure we can evoke change.

Being in the natural health supplement industry, it is time for myself and my company to do whatever is necessary to give back to the one who is responsible for this entire industry - Mother Earth.

Thank you for checking out our site, our project and our products. I am humbled to be part of this beautiful world and forever grateful and sincerely touched that you have taken the time to read our story.